November 13, 2015
Friday Faves: Nov. 13

Connect to links we love, programs we admire, events to look forward to, folks to follow and great work in the public humanities.

It’s Friday and we are highlighting our favorite humanities finds! Connect to links we love, programs we admire, events to look forward to, folks to follow and great work in the public humanities. Explore our team’s “Friday Faves” to stay in the know.

Kristen, director of communications and development:

  • If you’re reading this blog, you probably don’t need to be convinced of why someone should take humanities classes in college…but maybe you know a future college student or a parent of a college student who is complaining about a child’s “frivolous” studies. If so, kindly pass on these reasons why any student should tack on a minor in the humanities. Read this article for your key points of persuasion. 

Leah, director of programs and community engagement:

  • I love this story of nearly 600 unopened Dutch letters from the 17th century that were recently discovered and are now being translated and studied by scholars. This description from project scholar Daniel Starza Smith captures the delight perfectly: “Something about these letters frozen in transit makes you feel like you’ve caught a moment in history off guard.”

  • “That such a play is possible at all is one of the great wonders of human creation.” This lovely observation is the center of a lively essay reflecting on a new book about Shakespeare’s greatest play, King Lear.

  • The Institute for Museum and Library Services has compiled an important report (PDF) on the work of libraries and museums to connect to community building and revitalization. The report includes snapshots of 50 projects nationwide, including projects in Indiana. This report is really a must-read for public humanists.

Jacqueline, communications manager and program associate:

Nancy, director of grants and Novel Conversations:

A team favorite:

  • Explore Eat This Poem‬‘s Literary Guide to the Circle City. You’ll find good reads, good eats and a mention of our own work here at Indiana Humanities! View the guide here.

Any humanities highlights from your week? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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