June 24, 2016
Friday Faves: June 24

Connect to links we love, programs we admire, events to look forward to, folks to follow and great work in the public humanities.

Check out our favorite links of the week.

Keira, president and CEO:

  • I admit that I’m a little late to the Game of Thrones party but I’m currently obsessed with the books (I promise to catch up on the TV version after I finish the books).  Here’s a great post by the NY Public Library on what to read if you have burned through the GoT series and are tired of waiting on George R. R. Marting to churn out another.
  • I grew up very near Amish country and highly recommend that you visit this lovely garden exhibit honoring the important quilting traditions of the Amish.
  • After spending the past two weeks in Europe this quiz made me realize how little I knew about the E.U.  I hope you fare better!

Kristen, director of communications and development:

  • This 3-minute video that shares the rise of urban settlements over the past 6,000 years will put the U.S.’s relatively short history into incredible perspective.
  • A cute little blog post from a self-described “history nerd” explains how one historic house museum (spoiler: Juliette Gordon Low’s house in Savannah, Ga.) is doing everything right.

Jacqueline Cromleigh, communications and community relations manager:

George Hanlin, soon-to-be director of grants:

Bronwen Fetters, executive assistant and program associate:

  • Here’s an interesting infographic that looks at famous authors’ sleep habits in relation to their productivity. See that Kurt Vonnegut woke up at 6 a.m. each day!

Nancy Conner, director of grants and Novel Conversations:

Do you have any humanities highlights from your week? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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