January 13, 2017
Friday Faves: Jan. 13

Connect to links we love, programs we admire, events to look forward to, folks to follow and great work in the public humanities.

From exercising with your favorite authors to the history of some seriously sweet treats, our Friday Faves have got you covered. Have a few you want to share? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Leah Nahmias, director of programs:

Jacqueline Cromleigh, communications and community relations manager:

Bronwen Fetters, executive assistant and program associate:

  • Are you on a New Year’s exercise regimen? Exercise like your favorite author with the help of this blog post from the New York Public Library. I think I’ll opt for Dickinson’s 15 minutes of cardio rather than Dickens’ 12-mile walks!
  • Here’s a nice piece from The New York Times about a full-time bookbinder at the King County Public Library in the Seattle area. You can learn more about his craft and even listen to a Spotify playlist of the music he plays while working.

George Hanlin, director of grants:

  • If you need to assuage your guilt while eating that entire box of Girl Scout cookies, keep in mind that it’s an important celebration this year—the cookies are turning 100! The Girl Scouts website has a history of the cookies (with a recipe from 1922), a timeline, and more.
  • When I was growing up, we had four television channels that we got out of Fort Wayne—15, 21, 33, and 55. (And we had to change them manually!) Today, of course, we have hundreds of options. It’s great to have a variety of entertainment at our fingertips, but is this adding to our nation’s cultural divide? The New York Times explores the idea.

Kristen Fuhs Wells, director of communication and development:

  • Matt Tully from The Indianapolis Star gives us a rundown of the smaller, “hidden gem” bills proposed in the Indiana Statehouse this year. Take a look and see what our elected officials will be considering this year, then, if you’re so inclined, let them know what you feel about them—democracy at work!
  • A number of cultural destinations have special events or free admission days for Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday, Jan. 16). Here’s a list of some opportunities in Indy, courtesy of Downtown Indy.

Keira Amstutz, president and CEO:

Photo via Library of Congress
Photo via Library of Congress
Photo via Smithsonian Mag
Photo via Smithsonian Mag
Photo via NYPL
Photo via NYPL
Photo via Girl Scouts
Photo via Girl Scouts
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