February 19, 2016
Friday Faves: Feb. 19

Connect to links we love, programs we admire, events to look forward to, folks to follow and great work in the public humanities.

Check out our team’s favorite finds of the week.

Keira, president and CEO:

Kristen, director of communications and development:

  • Check out this list of 12 new museums around the world to visit in 2016. It features many places in the U.S., including the Levi Coffin House in Indiana!
  • Do you want to live somewhere with a little “charm” to the neighborhood? You’re not the only one. It’s one of the many reasons historic preservation districts are crucial to the future of cities.

Leah, director of programs and community engagement:

  • I was surprised to learn that, across all colleges, Frankenstein is the most commonly assigned novel. (Let’s pause here to tell everyone to read this astoundingly good book.) I learned this fun fact and dug into all kinds of other geeky data collected by the Open Syllabus Project. Learn more about some of the findings here. You might be surprised by which book is most commonly assigned in the Hoosier State.
  • Another week, another Backlist post I can’t resist, this one about cartography: “Maps cajole, they conceal, they simplify, they project.” I can personally vouch for the beautiful and fascinating Cartographies of TimeOne of my all-time favorite books, The Ghost Map, didn’t make the cut, but is also worth a read.

Jacqueline Cromleigh, communications manager and program associate:

Nancy Conner, director of grants and Novel Conversations:

  • Check out the Allison Transmission Archives. This Indianapolis company celebrated its centennial in 2015, and the IUPUI digital archives created an online collection to share its story.
  • View American Routes, a musical travelogue through American cultures, communities and traditions.

Any humanities highlights from your week? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Photo via SmithsonianMag.com
Photo via SmithsonianMag.com
Photo via The Open Syllabus Project
Photo via The Open Syllabus Project
Photo via BrainPickings.com
Photo via BrainPickings.com
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