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October 20, 2017
Welcoming Strangers
Learn about Indiana’s often-overlooked Burmese refugees through a documentary screening and public conversation
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Fort Wayne and Indianapolis have settled large groups of Burmese refugees in recent years, and while many residents are unaware of the refugees’ presence, others are committed to helping them become part of the community. In Indianapolis, First Baptist Church has been working for a decade to support the refugees and address the immense challenges they experience. The Desmond Tutu Center tells the story of the church and the refugees in Welcoming Strangers, a documentary it produced in order to foster greater awareness and to encourage public discourse around peace, reconciliation and justice through civil, respectful and enlightening cross-cultural interactions. At this public event, the center will screen the documentary and host a panel conversation with individuals featured in the documentary.


This event received funding from an INcommon Grant

Event Info
October 20, 2017, 7:00pm - 9:00pm