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October 2, 2019
Transcending Divides through Creative Conversations (Indianapolis)
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How do we practice good conversation? In being generators of civic conversation – in both intimate and public spaces – we may think we have common ground but quickly find ourselves villainizing the other and at a uncomfortable impasse. The root of the divide might be that we are assuming values in common rather than realizing we are disagreeing on how those values are ranked or prioritized. This talk will first explore Indiana’s history as crossroads, and consider whether we are as divided as it sometimes seems. We’ll explore how to reframe our conversation-making so we don’t “drop the humanity” but instead de-escalate the hot spots and have quality conversations that help us live our lives together.

Sara Drury is passionately committed to productive communication for democracy, community engagement, and working collaboratively to find new approaches to enduring challenges. As Director of Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse at Wabash College, she works with students, staff, and community partners to design and conduct public forum events around the midwestern United States. As an Indiana transplant, Sara has embraced our state’s urban and rural communities. She makes her home in Montgomery County and loves traveling to local restaurants around the state. Her work connects her with large cities and small communities across Indiana.

RSVP recommended but not required. Contact Program Director Lisa Marchal at 317.529.5182 to RSVP.

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October 2, 2019, 6:30pm - 8:30pm