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October 7, 2018
Romantic Anatomy: Drawing From The Collection of The Indiana Medical History Museum (Indianapolis)
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The French Romantic painter Theodore Gericault was working toward his masterpiece The Raft of the Medusa at the same time Mary Shelley published Frankenstein. Before debuting his larger-than-life painting, Gericault studied human anatomy by checking out (like a library book) body parts from the morgue. He painted studies of these with a naturalistic approach. In doing so, he shocked his audience with the tension between the life of his subjects and the fact that they were ultimately dead. Join Marian University Art Professor Jenny Ambroise in taking Gericault’s approach to drawing the collection of the Indiana Medical History Museum and discover what makes both Shelley’s and Gericault’s work enduring and still relevant today. Easels and drawing horses provided. Dry media only, please.

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October 7, 2018, 2:00pm - 5:30pm