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February 27, 2019
Indiana and the Civil War in Data: Exploring the Gov. O.P. Morton Telegram Collection
Get hands-on, practical experience to learn how humanities data design impacts our understanding of the world around us
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What are humanities data? And how can humanities researchers use data to study, analyze, visualize and understand the world around us? The term data may be off putting to humanities researchers. However, treating humanities evidence as research data can provide different ways to analyze and present research. Researchers leave finger imprints on the humanities data that they clean, curate and visualize. Data is neither neutral nor faceless. This workshop will take participants through the experience of humanities data curation and visualization using the Gov. Oliver P. Morton Civil War telegram collection as source material. Participants will gain experience with data cleaning and visualization, including network analysis and humanities mapping. Together we will explore how data cleaning, encoding decisions and design choices can alter and effect how data visualizations are understood. Using the telegram collection, participants will explore questions about humanities data against the historical backdrop of war, politics, economics and bureaucracy.

Caitlin Pollock, Digital Humanities Librarian at IUPUI, will facilitate the workshop.

Participants should register at the RSVP link and set up a GitHub account prior to workshop (https://github.com/).

This program received funding from a Quantum Leap Grant.

Event Info
February 27, 2019, 5:00pm - 7:00pm