As part of its next thematic initiative, Indiana Humanities will sponsor a tour of the Smithsonian’s Crossroads: Change in Rural America. Applications are now open to host the exhibit in 2019-2020.

Crossroads: Change in Rural America

Crossroads is the newest exhibit developed by Museum on Main Street, a Smithsonian Institution program that works with rural communities to design and host high-quality exhibits and create dynamic public programs across the United States. Indiana is proud to bring this award-winning program to the Hoosier State for the first time. 

Crossroads explores many themes that resonate with Hoosiers today, including identity, land, community, persistence and managing change. Learn more about exhibit content here.

Six communities will be selected to host the exhibit for six weeks each, and receive extensive training, funding and other resources from the expert staffs of the Smithsonian and Indiana Humanities. Each of the six hosts will also curate a unique section of the exhibit that tells the story of their community as it relates to the Crossroads theme. Up to 10 additional communities will receive $1,500 grants to develop programs, mini-exhibits and other projects related to the theme of change in rural America. 

We are proud to partner with the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) on Crossroads: Change in Rural America. OCRA works with Indiana communities to build relevant and economically thriving places where people want to live, work and grow.

Tour Dates

These are the tour dates; please note your preferred dates in your application:

  • Venue 1: September 7, 2019—October 20, 2019
  • Venue 2: October 26, 2019—December 8, 2019
  • Venue 3: December 14, 2019—January 26, 2020
  • Venue 4: February 1, 2020—March 15, 2020
  • Venue 5: March 21, 2020—May 2, 2020
  • Venue 6: May 9, 2020—June 21, 2020

Crossroads: Change in Rural America is open to any tax-exempt organization in Indiana, including museums, libraries, civic organizations, local governments or schools. Host organizations must be located in towns of 15,000 or fewer residents. Host venues must be open at least 30 hours a week during the exhibit, including hours on the weekend, and be able to provide a secure space of at least 800 square feet with at least three electrical outlets to host the exhibit.


Indiana Humanities is establishing a speakers bureau investigating topics related to urban, suburban, and/or rural history, dynamics and changes. We’re seeking proposals for talks and presentations from scholars and experts in the humanities and social/political sciences. 

Read Call for Proposals
Here's what's involved at-a-glance:

The six sites selected to host the exhibit receive: 

  • Free rental of Smithsonian’s Crossroads: Change in Rural America exhibit
  • Exhibit support manual, program guide and curriculum materials
  • Assistance in exhibition and program planning from Smithsonian and Indiana Humanities team members, as well as consultants
  • Publicity materials such as posters, brochures, a media kit, etc.
  • $2,000 in funding from Indiana Humanities to develop the local companion exhibit, for events and to spread the word
  • One talk by an expert from a speakers bureau curated by Indiana Humanities
  • Statewide publicity and promotion

The six sites selected to host the exhibit agree to:

  • Pay a one-time $200 fee to offset shipping costs
  • Assign a project director for the exhibit who will attend two statewide planning meetings and coordinate the project from beginning to end
  • Implement publicity in your local community and region in coordination with Indiana Humanities
  • Produce a local companion exhibit and host at least three public humanities programs related to the exhibit themes
  • Host a grand opening/ribbon cutting and invite public officials, media, legislators and others
  • Provide a final budget and cost share report tracking all staff and volunteer time, facility expenses and other donated resources
  • Provide a secure, dry space to store empty exhibit crates for the duration of the exhibition
  • Contribute hard work and cover additional out-of-pocket expenses beyond $2,000 as needed

Contact Megan Telligman, Senior Program Manager at