Congratulations on being selected to host the Smithsonian Museum on Main Street exhibit Crossroads: Change in Rural America. This page has many resources you can use to make your exhibit and program series a success.

Crossroads Exhibit Host Requirements

The six sites selected to host the exhibit receive

  • Free rental of Smithsonian’s Crossroads: Change in Rural America exhibit
  • Exhibit support manual, program guide and curriculum materials
  • Assistance in exhibition and program planning from Smithsonian and Indiana Humanities team members, as well as consultants
  • Publicity materials such as posters, brochures, a media kit, etc.
  • $2,000 in funding from Indiana Humanities to develop the local companion exhibit, for events and to spread the word
  • One talk by an expert from a speakers bureau curated by Indiana Humanities
  • Statewide publicity and promotion

The six sites selected to host the exhibit agree to:

  • Pay a one-time $200 fee to offset shipping costs
  • Assign a project director for the exhibit who will attend two statewide planning meetings and coordinate the project from beginning to end
  • Implement publicity in your local community and region in coordination with Indiana Humanities
  • Produce a local companion exhibit and host at least three public humanities programs related to the exhibit themes
  • Host a grand opening/ribbon cutting and invite public officials, media, legislators and others
  • Provide a final budget and cost share report tracking all staff and volunteer time, facility expenses and other donated resources
  • Provide a secure, dry space to store empty exhibit crates for the duration of the exhibition
  • Contribute hard work and cover additional out-of-pocket expenses beyond $2,000 as needed
Smithsonian Resources

The Smithsonian Museum on Main Street website contains many resources useful to exhibit hosts. 

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