March 26, 2013
Basketball and brackets

It’s the time of year when rivalry is one everyone’s mind, in the form of basketball and brackets. Whether you’re following your favorite team rivalry, or trying to beat out your co-worker on highest bracket score, the spirit of competition is running high as March Madness is in full swing.

This weekend will bring the NCAA tournament right here to Indianapolis, when the Midwest Regional is played at Lucas Oil Stadium. Louisville faces Oregon and Michigan State faces Duke in the Regional Semifinals, with the winners playing each other on Sunday in the final.

This year’s tournament has certainly brought out the “madness” side of March Madness. I mean, Wichita State and LaSalle? That’s a game that no one predicted. I must say, I was one of the few (5% of bracket creators, according to ESPN) who picked Harvard’s victory, but it was purely an uninformed and completely lucky guess. But all the upsets aside, there’s a few match-ups most people predicted, many of which will be played out this weekend.

Take Michigan State and Duke, both of whom have very good coaches. It’ll be a chess match of a game here in Indy on Friday. Or look at IU and Syracuse, who play in the East Regional Semifinals at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. on Thursday. The Big Ten and Big Easy were power conferences this year, so taking one of the best teams from each conference and pitting them against each other is sure to be a shootout.

Which match-up are you most looking forward to watching?

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