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Indiana Humanities is proud to support Indiana teachers and their students by providing educational news and links, lesson plan ideas and professional development opportunities.


Professional Development Opportunities

America In Class Online Seminars

These $35 seminars focus on teaching with primary sources — historical documents, literary texts, visual images, and audio material. Emphasizing critical analysis and close reading, they address the skills of the Common Core State Standards while giving teachers the opportunity to deepen their content knowledge.  Learn more.

Topics include themes such as:

The Struggle for Woman Suffrage

Teaching The Great Gatsby

The Causes of The Great Depression

The Emergence of Jim Crow


Classroom Materials

Integrate George Rogers Clark + Indiana History into your classroom

Looking for a fun (and free) way to integrate Indiana History and the George Rogers Clark story in your classes?  Students across Indiana are invited to submit questions to George Rogers Clark, British Col. Henry Hamilton, Father Pierre Gibault, and others involved in the 1779 capture of Fort Sackville. Learn more.


The Crispus Attucks basketball team, one of the highlights in the Spirit of Competition toolkits (below).

Spirit of Competition Toolkits

Teacher toolkits developed by Indiana Humanities include resources and lesson plans for teachers on a variety of subjects like civility, rivalry, innovation, passion and failure and for a variety of themes, such as Black History Month or Women’s History Month.

Topics include staging a debate, writing your rival, learning about entrepreneurs like Madam C.J. Walker, inventors like Fort Wayne’s teen phenom Philo Farnsworth, and how to overcome obstacles like Colonel Eli Lilly.

Learn more at SpiritofCompetition.org.


Visit Indiana: 4th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

Fourth-grade teachers in Indiana have a new resource for helping students learn about the Hoosier state. The six-week course, based on the State of Indiana education standards, incorporates critical thinking and problem solving into the Indiana history curriculum.

From resources to activities, teachers will find a complete curriculum to teach Indiana history while integrating a variety of educational disciplines. Students will hone various skills while they learn about all the great places they can visit in their home state. Download the complete kit or individual resources, here.


What So Proudly We Hail

A one-stop source for free, literary-based curricula to aid in the classroom instruction of American history, civics, social studies, and language arts. Explore this site to find creative lesson plans, video seminars, primary resources, and much more.

The Curriculum link will lead you to “The Meaning of America” discussion guides and model seminars, the “The American Calendar” e-book collection, and the “Songs for Free Men and Women” compilation.

The site also includes a catalog of great American short stories, speeches, study guides, discussion videos, author biographies, and primary texts. Learn more.



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