Next Indiana

As we celebrate Indiana's Bicentennial in 2016, we're focused on the Next Indiana – what do we want the next 200 years to look like?

Next Indiana

Next Indiana is Indiana Humanities’ two-year thematic initiative designed to celebrate Indiana’s Bicentennial in 2016. We’ll use our programs around the state to encourage Hoosiers to think, read and talk about the people, places and ideas that will shape the next 200 years. Check out our exciting programs below.

Next Indiana Campfires


Next Indiana Campfires is a statewide series of outdoor discussions about Hoosier environmental literature and the legacy today’s Hoosiers will leave to future generations. In 2016, Indiana Humanities will sponsor 18 scholar-led outings in state parks and nature preserves and will distribute free discussion materials for families and friends to plan their own hikes, bike rides and canoe trips.

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Next Indiana Bookshelf


The Next Indiana Bookshelf is a collection of 13 titles that encourage Hoosiers to think, read and talk about the present and future of Indiana. The program was created in with the Indiana State Library and the Indiana Center for the Book. A total of 55 book sets were awarded programming to libraries and community organizations across the state.

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Next Indiana Discussions


Indiana communities are invited to host a public screening and discussion of the new documentary, Hoosiers: The Story of Indiana: The Next Indiana, produced in partnership with WFYI Public Media. Organizations can take advantage of available resources including a discussion guide and $100 stipend.

Examining Ethics Podcast Series


This three-part podcast series produced in partnership with DePauw University’s Prindle Institue for Ethics will run in summer, 2016 and explore ethical questions that have been raised by fascinating moments in Indiana’s history.


Curious about the impact of our multiyear thematic initiative? We put together a wrap-up report detailing our work around the state. The brief features articles penned by Hoosier authors on their ideas for the future of the state.

Additional Programming

Beyond Next Indiana’s signature initiatives, we’ve hosted a few other programs in celebration of the state’s big year.




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