Picture your typical work day: You check your email. Some spam, some e-newsletters, nothing exciting. You go to a meeting. Same-old, same-old. You grab your frozen meal out of the freezer. Sounds kind of boring, right?

Now imagine going ALL-IN at work: On Monday, you start the week by exploring a new route into the office. Tuesday morning you drop off a book to donate to the local library in a collection box by the door. Your weekly staff meeting on Wednesday starts with everyone sharing a piece of sage advice passed on by a grandparent. During Thursday’s lunch, everyone listens to upbeat world music while they sample treats from a local ethnic restaurant. Friday afternoon, boss and employees volunteer at the local elementary school.

A refreshing vision, right? This is how an ALL-IN campaign can transform your workplace.



An ALL-IN campaign is a flexible, fun and free tool for businesses, organizations and professional associations to encourage employees and members to improve their social and civic health. During the campaign, participants are encouraged to complete up to 16 fun and thought-provoking challenges that invite them to get to know each other and their community better. The challenges are drawn from ALL-IN, a digital competition designed by Indiana Humanities that inspires us to learn more about Indiana, connect with each other and make our state even better.

Indiana Humanities has designed a set of free materials to guide organizations as they implement a multi-week campaign in their workplace. We recommend groups plan either a 4-week or 8-week campaign, though the final shape and scope of your program is up to your business or association. Challenges can be customized to fit the local community and we offer lots of suggestions to keep employees engaged and active throughout the campaign.

ALL-IN campaigns will take place across the state for two years leading up to Indiana’s Bicentennial in 2016, engaging Hoosier professionals with each other and their communities and generating hundreds of conversations about how we can make our state a better place to live, work and learn.


Any group or business is invited to launch an ALL-IN campaign in their workplace. To help organizations get started, Indiana Humanities has designed a set of free downloadable planning materials, including a coordinator’s guide and themed fliers. See more about these and other resources below.

In addition to businesses and organizations both small and large, ALL-IN campaigns are a great fit for professional associations looking for ways to engage members.

ALL-IN campaigns are a unique way to build workplace morale and encourage wellness, deepen your business’s connection to the local community, or welcome new employees to the office culture and the surrounding area. By offering an ALL-IN campaign, you will show your employees that you are committed not only to fostering a connected and engaged workforce, but also to building a healthy and whole community.

No application is necessary to launch an ALL-IN campaign, but we encourage you to let us know your plans and to work with Indiana Humanities to imagine and carry out your program. Contact Leah Nahmias at lnahmias@indianahumanities.org or 317.616.9804 to talk over your ideas.


COORDINATOR’S GUIDE (free): This simple handbook provides tips and a timeline for launching a campaign.

THEMED FLIERS/EMAIL TEMPLATES (free): These eight fliers can be posted around the workplace or sent over email during the campaign. Each flier includes an inspirational quote, Hoosier trivia and suggested activities for completing the week’s challenges.

SCORECARD TEMPLATE (free): Although we encourage Hoosiers to use the digital scorecard on the ALL-IN website, we know some folks prefer a pen and paper.

ALL-IN STARTER KIT (free to Initiate and Invigorate corporate members [become one here!]; available for purchase to non-members): Everything you need to promote your event, including:

  • An Indiana-versary timeline
  • Dry erase bubble-shaped boards + markers
  • Set of infographics from the site
  • ALL-IN card decks w/trivia, facts and challenges from the site
  • Balloons, pens and other ALL-IN swag



Indiana Humanities’ expert staff works with corporate members to tailor the challenges and customize campaign materials with the company’s brand and logo. Learn more by contacting Kristen Fuhs Wells at kwells@indianahumanities.org or 317.616.9407.